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Pine Pollen: a Lesser Cause of Hay Fever

Although pine pollen can cause hay fever, it is usually not the primary cause of most people's symptoms even if they are allergic to it. This is because the pollen particles are so heavy that they settle out of the air fairly quickly instead of being carried long distances by the wind.

pine pollen on car

People tend to blame pine tree pollen for their allergies because it is one of the easiest pollens to spot as it usually coats everything in its path with a thick yellow dust. However, some people are allergic to it and limited contact with it can cause hay fever.

Identifying Pines and Their Pollen

There are about 115 different species of pine trees. Although the species are numerous, all pine trees have similar characteristics and are fairly easy to identify.

pine pollen pine cones

The primary distinguishing characteristic of pine trees will be their needle shaped leaves. These trees are coniferous trees, which means they also produce pine cones as their method of reproduction.

While most people can identify a pine cone fairly easily, they often don't notice the much smaller pollen producing cones that can be found on the same trees as normal pine cones.

pine pollen small pine cones

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