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About Hay Fever Relief.com


My name is Luke. I am in my mid 20s and I never had any allergies while growing up! Jealous?

Me Too! Because starting a few years ago, my previously non-existent allergies appeared, and they have getting worse and worse every season! I'm also becoming allergic to my two cats, despite growing up with animals for 20 years and having no issues.

Purpose of Hay-Fever-Relief.com

I started Hay Fever Relief for two main reasons.

  • To learn more about what is causing my own allergies, and how I can get relief from them.
  • To help spread the word that an air purifier is a great alternative method of treatment for allergies.

Point two may seem a little strange, so let me explain:

I happen to work at a company that sells air purifiers on the web:
www.Air-Purifiers-America.com (APA as we call it)

Before I started working at APA, I had no knowledge of air purifiers or what they can do. I had seen the "ionic breeze" infomercials in the early 2000s, but besides that, I thought air purifiers were just another useless home appliance. WRONG!

Amazing Feedback from Owners

Soon after starting work at APA, I began to learn an immense amount about how air purifiers work, and how they help tens of thousands of people every year to achieve relief! They help with allergies, asthma, odors, VOCs and a number of other unhealthy airborne contaminants. Also, I began to have first-hand experience hearing the amazing results from customers who had purchased air purifiers from our company.

I was always skeptical about "testimonials and customer feedback". I used to think that it was all internally generated because it just sounded too happy. But I was quickly astonished by APA's never-ending flow of positive remarks coming in through the phones and email system!

Spreading the Word

Therefore, I decided to make this site to help get the word out. Unfortunately for millions of suffering people, an air purifier does not come to mind as a potential solution for their needs. Unless you are specifically searching for an air purifier, you are not likely to come across any information about them! Sad.

That is why this site is focused on allergy relief, and not air purifiers exclusively, otherwise the people who need it most would never find it!

Many Potential Solutions

In addition, I recognize that while an air purifier is an amazing tool for allergy and asthma treatment, there are also other methods out there that people (including myself) can benefit from.

I hope you find this site helpful. Please email me if you have anything I can add that may help others. And go out and try an air purifier from www.air-purifiers-america.com. You won't be disappointed!