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Allergy Pills or Allergy Air Purifier?

allergy air purifier

Which do you want more exposure to?

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Have you ever stopped to think about why you do not suffer from hay fever during the cold winter months? For most people, the answer is pretty clear: Its because there is no pollen in the air!

Imagine if you could have great spring time weather without being concerned about allergies indoors making you miserable and preventing you from having a good nights sleep. An air purifier can make that unlikely scenario a reality.

Personally, I only use medications as a last resort. Not because I like to suffer, but because I always use my allergy air purifier as a primary means of allergen avoidance. By filtering the allergens out of the air in my house, I avoid them entirely, and its like allergy season no longer exists when I escape indoors.

Although there are many types of air purifiers, I say an 'allergy air purifier' to make it clear that there are specific ones that are useful for allergies, and others that are not. (Such as ones meant to treat chemicals). If you can remove the pollen with an air purifier, you can often prevent your symptoms from occurring in the first place.

Advantages of an Air Purifier

  • Preventative, not reactive- Unlike allergy medications that you take after your symptoms appear, an air purifier works to prevent them before they even occur.
  • 24/7 Treatment- Don't worry about timing your allergy medicaitons just right, or wondering if they will last through the night, an air purifier can prevent allergies 24/7.
  • Healthy Environment- There are Many negative health effects of breathing dirty or polluted air. Just beacuse you may not react to allergens when on anti-histamines does not mean it is now ok to keep exposing yourself to them.
  • Does more than you think- Air Purifiers can remove things that medications cannot treat. Certain types can remove harmful chemicals, odors, and even viruses.
  • Better Living- This is a result of all the combined benefits of an air purifier. If you relieve your allergies, you sleep better, are more rested, perform better at work, and maybe even get a raise!

In the Home

The easiest place to get relief from hay fever is in your home and bedroom with the help of an air purifier. Here you can take a number of steps to avoid coming in contact with allergens.

Pollen is extremely buoyant and can easily float around in your house, entering through an open door, window, or even on you and your pets.

Because hay fever is most often caused by pollen, I use an air purifier in my home and bedroom to filter allergens out of the air.

Your bedroom is where you spend up to 1/3 of your life and removing all pollen from the air is essential to getting a good night sleep. If you can afford multiple air purifiers, placing one in your living room would be beneficial as well.

At Work

Your work space is often one of the more difficult places to get relief. It is difficult to tailor your work environment to your needs for allergen avoidance.

You really have no control over the HVAC system or the filters used in them. Odds are they are the bare minimum efficiency anyway, and used only to keep large dust particles from accumulating on the system so that it continues to run. This is not ideal for filtering out pollen, only stirring up what may already be in the room.

desktop air purifier

That's why I keep a small desktop air purifier sitting near my desk amd pointing right at me. It works great and also doubles as a fan during the hotter summer months when there's lots of pollen floating around in the air.

I really haven't seen a lot of manufacturers that sell small desktop air purifiers. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of selection. I have an Alen T500. It's a little too big for a desk top but it easily fits right next to it. It filters out pollen sized particles.

Recommended Products

A great resource for air purifiers and other allergy relief products is Allergy Buyers Club. Any air purifier they offer will work extremely well at relieving your allergy concerns. Currently they have a number of promotions going on for high quality air purifiers.