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Details of Hay Fever Season

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The exact dates for hay fever season can be difficult to predict because hay fever is caused by so many different types of allergens. Some people may suffer from hay fever allergies during the spring, while others symptoms strike hardest in the summer or fall.

Ultimately,there are three broad pollination seasons -spring, summer and fall- in which hay fever tends to occur and you may suffer more or less during one season than you do in another.

The pollens that tend to cause hay fever from March through May tend to come from trees. By June the trees have settled down but it is pollination time for summer grasses. From mid-August to October, weeds such as ragweed and ragwort become the primary cause of suffering for those with hay fever.

A majority of people who suffer from hay fever have allergies during a most of the season. However, some people may not suffer at all during the first half of the season, only to have their immune systems abruptly bombarded at the start of ragweed season in the fall.

March Thru October

hay fever season

If your suffering tends to occur during only one of the periods listed above, it may be easier to pinpoint what you're allergic to. You can do this by knowing what types of plants are pollinating during that time of the year and around where you live.