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Hay Fever Treatment:
Which Solution Would You Advise?

If your friend suffered from a food allergy and was severely allergic to peanuts, which of the following actions would advise?

no peanuts

  • Eat all the peanuts you like. When you start to break out into hives, take medication.
  • Avoid eating peanuts.

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A majority of us would advise our friend to stop eating peanuts and simply avoid the suffering and medications that comes along with it.

Unfortunately, every day of the year, millions of people choose the first type of option as a method of hay fever treatment. However, if you can avoid coming in contact with allergens, you should not experience any symptoms in the first place.

In my house, I use medications much less frequently than I used to, and only as a last resort. I regularly follow all of these tips to reduce my symptoms and dependence on medications

Many Different Treatments

Allergen Avoidance At Home

  • Use an Air Purifier and change the filters at the start of every spring season.
  • Wash your hands and face when coming in from outdoors.
  • pets carry in allergens

  • Bathe/wipe down pets that come in from outdoors to remove pollen from their fur.
  • Clean you house regularly. Vacuum floors and furniture, and wipe down hard surfaces to remove accumulated allergens.

In the Bedroom (Where You Spend 8+Hrs/Day!)

  • Always keep your bedroom door closed (prevents pollen from entering).
  • Use dust a mite Dust Mite Mattress Cover and Pillow Covers to prevent exposure to allergens in your bed while you sleep.
  • Close the air vents in your room during peak pollen season (same reason as above).
  • Do not allow pets in the bedroom, they can carry pollen in on their fur.
  • Try to remove pollen contaminated clothing articles in a room other than the bedroom.

Is Relief At Work Possible?

    desktop air purifier

  • Use a desktop air purifier. Point the airflow towards you, as it may not be strong enough to filter your entire office space.
  • Wash your hands and face when coming in from outdoors.

  • You can keep a lint roller at the office and quickly run it over your clothing to help remove some of the pollen that has settled on it.
  • If you have a garage, park your car inside rather than in the driveway. You can enter your car without having to walk outside though the pollen in the air. The worst way to start off a work day is with an allergy attack!

Additional Tips

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  • Take medications in anticipation of your first symptoms.
  • When driving, keep your windows up at all times and set your AC/Heater, keep it on recirculate.
  • Check local pollen counts online to know your daily risk to exposure.
  • If working outside, cover your mouth in face with a painters mask to avoid inhaling airborne pollen.