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Nasal Inflammation

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Nasal Inflammation is one of the most common side effects of hay fever and seasonal allergies.

Put simply, inflammation is what happens when part of your body swells and heats up. It's your body's response to a number of various attacks: invasion by bacteria, injury, or reaction to your own immune system.

Inflammation is usually a beneficial part of healing process, but when caused by allergies, it can be more painful than if your body had no reaction at all.

Inflammation also increases mucus secretions, which is why it is often accompanied by a runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion.

How Inflammation Occurs

  • A foreign body (germ, or allergen) is detected by white blood cells, which release several chemicals (histamines) to begin a healing response.
  • Small blood vessels in your nose begin to swell and leak fluid.
  • Additional blood flows to the area causing it to become warm up and become red.
  • Tissue damage triggers nerve pain.
  • The body creates extra mucus in order to wash away foreign bodies. This is the cause of a runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion.

How to Treat Nasal Inflammation

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There are a number of potential treatments for reducing inflammation.

If you have inflammation issues right now, then there are a few things you can do to relieve the inflammation.

Nasal Irrigation
Irrigation is an amazing way to reduce nasal inflammation. The runny nose and eyes that comes with inflammation is the result of allergens or other debris present in your nasal passages. Nasal irrigation products as a pulsating nasal irrigator can work wonders by rinsing allergens out of your nose and throat and soothing your nasal passages.

Read some of the Amazon customer reviews on the SinuPulse Advanced Nasal Irrigation System.

When you think about what relieving nasal inflammation can cost you in medications or doctors visits, a high quality nasal irrigator that last for years can seem cheap by comparison.

Another alternative to the Nasal Irrigator is a Netipot. Netipots are also very effective at rinsing out your sinuses with a saline wash. Although running a saline wash down your nose and throat can feel very odd at first, Netipots are proven to be safe an extremely effective at reducing sinus-related issues like nasal inflammation. Also, if you ever get sinus infections, you definitely want to give one of these a try.

Browse some of the customer reviews on this Amazon Neti Pot Complete Sinus Cleansing System if you have any doubts that a Netipot could work for you. You'll wonder why you didn't try one sooner!

Anti-Inflammatory Medications
There are a wide range of anti-inflammatory medications including anti-histamines that can be used to prevent allergy symptoms and inflammation. See our Hay Fever Medications page for more info.

Preventative Measures

If possible, the best thing you can do is take steps to prevent it from occuring in the first place. See our Hay Fever Treatment page for a number options for avoiding allergens that cause inflammation, or use nasal irrigation or a Netipot on a regular basis.