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Spring Allergies... Is this the start of another rotten year?

tree pollen causes spring allergies

Spring Allergies can be the start of a long and stressful period of suffering. People afflicted by severe allergies such as hay fever know how awful it can be to have to stay indoors or risk enduring an onslaught of itchy and watery eyes, along with drainage and sneezing. Most people who do not have allergies do not even realize how difficult they are for those who do. Fortunately, if you in need of relief, you have come to the right place.

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Allergies occuring in the spring are caused primarily by wind pollinated trees. Beginning in March-April, many trees begin to be littered with small flowers and pollen producing structures. As the wind picks up, the microscopic pollen grains are carried away by the wind and can saturate the air for miles around. These pollen grains are what you inhale, or come in contact with, that cause your symptoms.

See our Tree Pollen page for a detailed list of pollen types that cause spring hay fever.


stuffy nose sneezing

The Symptoms of different types of allergies are all very similar and they include:

  • Itchy Nose
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Watery Eyes

People can also develop depression or anxiety as a result of their prolonged abuse caused by allergies, or being restricted to staying indoors during some of the nicest months of the year.


If you are going to beat your allergies, you may need to give a couple approaches a fair shot. Your suffering will never go away without the right treatment. There are a number of things you can do to help reduce your suffering. No matter what allergen you are dealing with, you want to make sure that avoidance is your number one priority. On top of that, medications and natural remedies can be helpful as well when avoidance is not a possibility.

Some people have allergic reactions that are so bad that moving to a new location is their only option. Do not let yourself become so controlled by your allergies that you have to resort to drastic measures to obtain relief.

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See our Hay Fever Treatment section for practical avoidance techniques, and other methods to obtain relief.

Severe Spring Allergies

Imagine having allergies that are so severe that you cannot even go to work. For many people, this is their reality. They have to spend their time working from home. And that is only if they have a job that allows them to do so. Going outside can impossible for people suffering from the severest of spring allergies. If you think your allergy symptoms are severe, you should absolutely see a doctor or allergist.