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Avoid Tree Pollen and Spring Allergies

Many people suffer from tree pollen allergies such as hay fever. However, even though hay fever is triggered by pollens from grasses, weeds or trees, most people are only allergic to only a few specific types.

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However, with so many different allergens present all at the same time it can be difficult to identify the ones that are effecting you.

The tree pollen most likely to cause problems for humans come from wind-pollinated male plants that release vast quantities of light, dry pollen. There are a few major species of plants that produce pollen in such large quantities, that can travel for miles and saturate anything in its path.

Below we have listed and explained several of the most common types of tree pollen that cause hay fever.

Tree Pollens

Tree Allergy Culprits -For a quick summary of the major species of trees that are causing your spring allergies.

Or, if you know what pollen type is causing your allergies, click below to find out more about it.

birch pollen grain Birch Pollen has three pores that stick out from the surface of the grain. It is quite small at 20 Ám in size.
pine pollen grain Pine Pollen has a Mickey Mouse appearance and is very large at 45-85 Ám.
oak pollen grain Oak Pollen
cedar pollen grain Cedar Pollen is round and smooth and has an average size of 20-30 Ám.

Other Causes of Hay Fever

In addition to tree pollens, Grass Pollen and Ragweed Pollen both cause hay fever and seasonal allergies.